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The Days of lyrics not getting the love and community they deserve are no more. So, We Regi Milton, Rosemary Milton, Shawn Milton & Shanon Milton


Welcomes you to the YESHU KE GEET  where you will find not only the Lyrics but the Notations, Guitar Chords, Rhythm & the way to sing your favourite Hindi Christian Songs. As here we will explain you the beautiful ethos of what a song means to you. Our Aim is to do this by equipping believers with the word of God and encouraging the Christian Youth & Fellowship.


Just Browse the Hindi Christian Songs Lyrics alphabetically by Artist Name / Song Name from A to Z, or search the songs from search box. 


We're all about spreading his message of Liberty, Love and Peace here at www.yeshukegeet.com. Help us to improve our Music Ministry by sending us your responses through using the Message Box and be blessed.











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