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Top 5 Guitar Strumming Patterns - You must know

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

We'll learn to play Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns for Beginners. When you practice, make sure you play along with a metronome. It is always helpful to apply what you’re working on to real music. You've now got 5 Best Strumming Patterns to use on Christian Songs. Once you play and understand the technique behind it, you'll be able to rock with your favourite songs.

Eighth Notes- We'll cover each Strumming Pattern in Eighth Notes. Almost every songs is in 4/4 Time Signature, in which you count 4 beats. Those 4 beats are quarter notes. In Eighth Notes, we'll put an "&" to divide the 4 quarter beat.

These are few signs which we'll use throughout Strumming Patterns:

  1. Strumming Pattern - Downstroke Strumming

2. Strumming Pattern - Down & Up Stroke Strumming

3. Strumming Pattern - Muted Strumming

4. Strumming Pattern - Rest Strumming

5. Strumming Pattern - Complex Rest Strumming

Remember one thing while playing Strumming, your arm movement should be in continuous motion so that it doesn't break the strumming pattern. This way, you'll not miss the beat. So, you now have 5 Basic Strumming Patterns to try on your favourite Christian songs.

Watch the video below to completely understand the Strumming Pattern.

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