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for one-to-one online piano classes

🎹Our classes are conducted five days a week, from Monday to Friday. On national and public holidays, such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, and other designated holidays, there will be no scheduled classes. Additionally, we observe summer and winter vacations, during which regular classes will not be held.

🎹Fees: ₹3200/- for 1 Month (excl.18% GST)

🎹Late Fee Charges: Payment demands are generated during the last ten days of each month for the upcoming month's fees. If a student fails to make the payment by the month-end for the next month's classes, a late fee charge of Rs 500.00 will be applicable after the due date. It is essential to make timely payments to avoid incurring any late fees and ensure the smooth continuation of the classes.

🎹Individual Classes: Each student receives individualized instruction from our dedicated teachers.

🎹Fixed Timings: All classes are arranged at a time and day mutually convenient to the teacher and the student. The timings once fixed will not be changed during the course of the month. Duration for each class is 50 minutes.

🎹Requirements: To participate in online piano classes, you will need a digital piano or keyboard with standard-sized keys, a sustain pedal, a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone/a mobile phone with mobile stand, and a stable internet connection.

🎹 Age Limit for joining our online piano classes is 6 and above.

🎹If a student has to miss a class due to school examinations, outstation camps, trips, or any other reason, it is essential to inform the instructor as early as possible. Subject to the instructor's availability, the missed classes can be rescheduled within the same week. However, if rescheduling is not feasible within the week, the missed classes would be considered as unattended.


In case of serious illness or hospitalisation, however, our team may consider making up classes as a special case on the evidence of a medical certificate.

🎹Classes missed by students due to the teacher’s non-availability would be made good. 

🎹 Students who report late for their lessons by more than 20 minutes may be marked absent (at the discretion of the teachers) and will be deemed to have missed their classes.

🎹 Classes missed by students for the following reasons will NOT be made good:

Classes falling on national/public holidays and during summer and winter holidays.

🎹Refund Policy: Fees for the month, once paid by the students, will not be considered for refund. However, in exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case basis, the team may permit refund of the fee.

🎹Feedback and Questions: Students are encouraged to seek feedback and ask questions during the lessons to clarify concepts and address any challenges they may encounter.

🎹Practice Commitment: Regular practice outside of class time is essential for improvement. Students are encouraged to dedicate sufficient time to practice their assigned exercises and pieces.

🎹Respectful Behaviour: All participants, including students and instructors, are expected to treat each other with respect and maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment.

🎹Preparation: Students should come to each class prepared with their assigned practice materials and any questions they may have from the previous lesson.

🎹Termination: In case of continuous non-compliance with the rules and regulations or disruptive behaviour, the institution reserves the right to terminate a student's enrollment.

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